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Writing a Commentary

When choosing a topic for the commentary, you can consider the topics we’ve discussed in class (for example Staples & stereotyping), topics covered in the textbook readings (Brady’s “Why I Want a Wife”), and topics from the articles and commentaries you have brought to class. You do not have to limit yourselves to these topics, however. You may write about any topic you hold a strong opinion about. And, if you want to inject humor and use satire, you are welcome to do so.

The assignment is to write an approx. 5 paragraph ( approx. 1 ½ page) commentary on a topic you have chosen. The final copy should exhibit proper essay form, be written in MLA format and be submitted to turnitin before handing it in. Remember, the commentary focuses on your opinion. This should be clear from the thesis statement in your introduction.

You will need to use at least one outside source for this paper – this can range from information you find from researching your topic to support your thesis to integrating appropriate quotes into your paper. The source(s) should have appropriate MLA documentation. Keep in mind the source(s) just provide support for your paper – the paper reflects your opinion and the aim is to persuade your reader.


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