“A Beautiful Mind” or “Rain Man” movie project questions help

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Movie Project Questions
“A Beautiful Mind”
“Rain Man”
Name of the Movie:
Name of Movie Patient:
Based on a close viewing of the movie:
History of your client’s present (and presenting) illness
Past psychiatric history, it’s treatment, and treatment outcomes
Psychosocial history
What observations do you have about your client’s behavior?
Complete a 5 axis diagnostic criteria for your patient
Axis I
Axis II
Axis III
Axis IV
Axis V
What DSM-IV-TR criteria support this diagnosis?
Could the client have any other psychiatric disorder? If so, list and include supporting diagnostic criteria.
What is your impression of the accurateness of the portrayal of the client’s diagnosis in the movie? What could have been done different to more accurately portray a client with that diagnosis?
If you watched “A Beautiful Mind”, what do you observe that indicates John is hallucinating? (Give specific examples)
If you watched “Rain Man”, give examples of Raymond’s echolalia.


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