A 8-page paper about cross examination. ( double space )

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You will write a paper, double-spaced, 8 to 10 pages in length, not including endnotes. Citing to a case about Cross-examination that has been processed in a criminal justice system, you will critically examine whether “justice” might have been better served under Chinese judicial model and to see how the differences of cross examination between China and U.S Your analysis must focus on a comparison of elements of both systems, not on the facts of the case study. You may write on another topic; however, the paper must be comparative in nature.

You must cite at least six scholarly sources in support of your topic. You must provide footnotes or endnotes AND a bibliography. . The purpose is to critically analyze your topic as supported by your research. Thus, I am looking for more than just your opinion or a factual dissertation on a particular issue. Your thesis statement is 10% of your final paper grade.


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