8-1 Discussion: Favorite New Word 2 Tasks

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Part 1: Discussion Post Due 02/28

In preparation for this discussion, watch linguist Dr. Anne Curzan’s video titled What Makes a Word “Real”? Reflect on what you have learned in this course about word parts, phonology, morphology, and so forth. In your initial post, state what your favorite “new” word is. Ensure to address the following questions:

  • What type of formation created this new word?
  • To which register does it belong?
  • Is it a part of Standard English usage?
  • Do you (or will you) use it in all settings or just specific settings?

Part 2: Peer Replies Due 03/01

In your response posts, comment on your peers’ choice of word. Have you heard it before? Do you use this word? How? Do you agree with your peers’ analyses of their word formations and origins? Explain.

Please do not analyze the peer posts. The replies must be personalized and flow as if we are having a conversation.


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