500 words media log

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Assignment 1: Media Log & Narrative

Part 1:

For five days (consecutive, preferably) document every time you engage the media. I have

attached a sample log form with one example entry that you may use for reference. Or develop

your own format for tracking your media consumption. Your log must include these important

details: date and time of day, total amount of time per entry (i.e. number of minutes or hours,)

location, people, medium or media, description of content (brief summary plus description of

main characters and target audience.) Carry your log with you so you can jot notes along the

way. Don’t think you’ll remember at the end of the day or the next day because you’ll find it

difficult to remember each instance. You will need to turn in this log.

If you like, feel free to use the EXCEL log on Blackboard or anything similar to it.

Part 2: Keep your log for five days (in a row, preferably.) Then, once you’ve completed your

media log, you will need to reflect on and evaluate the data you’ve collected. Write a narrative

explaining your perceptions about your media consumption as well as the overall media log

experience. Pay attention to the following questions:

*After examining your log, how did the ACTUAL amount of media output you regularly

consumed compare to your PERCEPTION of the amount of media you thought you regularly



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