2 Discussion Questions

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Answer 2 discussion questions. Answer all parts to each question, no plagiarized work, with in-text citation and verifiable references that are accessible.


Show how you will use the concepts you have learned to improve each of the leadership areas you identified in Module One. (ATTACHED BELOW)

In this module, you have read about encouragement and recognition. Do encouragement and recognition really matter?

Psychodynamic theory proposes that leaders have to understand their own personality traits and those of their followers in order to effect change and movement. How do leaders learn what motivates individuals on the team?


Many companies implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems but are disappointed by the results when they do not realize the return on investment (ROI) that was projected for the system.

Do some research and post an example of either a successful or failed ERP implementation at a major company. How did it (or did it not) standardize processes across the firm? Explain what the major causes were for the success or failure of the system.

If you have worked for a company that has an ERP system, you may choose to post about the effectiveness of that particular ERP system.


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