120 Second Short Paper

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4 full pages MLA with in-text citation Double Spaces

No outside sources! You must cite everything clear with both work cited and in-text citation. Including Lecture PPT

Use at least Lecture PPT 3 times and 4 readings.

Make sure you have a clear thesis.

References to material from readings or lecture and any short direct quotations must be properly cited. All work, wording, and ideas that are not cited must be your own.

After you finish ,read the rubric, with check marks in the boxes that you think reflect the quality of your work. And include comments to explain your reasoning.

Prompts and Structure

You should provide an introductory paragraph about your topic, present a thesis statement, and then write several paragraphs providing examples and elaborating on these to support your thesis. You should then have one or two concluding paragraphs restating your argument and making a case for its significance.


During struggles against discrimination or political and economic exclusion based on race and ethnicity, some anti-racist, civil rights, and independence activists believed that nonviolence was the best way to end racism. Others argued that racist, unequal systems could only be defeated through violent struggle. Is violence justified in fighting against racial or ethnic discrimination and exclusion? Why or why not? Formulate an argument and support it using examples, from readings and lecture, of authors’ arguments and real-world cases.


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