1 page paper essay for Play writing.

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ESSAY QUESTION CHOICES: You will pick two of these and answer them in essay format. They should be half a page each. You can do them in advance and bring them if you’d like.

1) Where is the turning point for you when you feel like Medea crossed the line in her revenge

plan? Or is there not one? Prove your point with evidence from the script.

2) Is Jason a hero, or did he only become one because of Medea’s help? Discuss his character

and whether he is sympathetic, or just pathetic.

3) Does Hamlet love Ophelia? Discuss why you think so or not, and use evidence from the text.

4) What are Hamlet’s conflicts in the play? You can discuss internal and external conflicts he

has in the story.

MLA citiation and must be follow the statment.( Exp: In the play Media, what happing in the play and explain the question and why.)


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